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Gruppe(n): Inaktive Mitglieder
Alter: -
Land: Germany
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Ray Horton is a talented rapper/singer with years of experience in the music business. In 1990 he sang for "The Real Milli Vanilli", in 1992 he was a member of the group "Try'B' which had hits such as "Sexy Eyes" and "Tell Me When It Hurts" . Ray was also on tour with Booya Family and recorded songs like "Dreams", "Pocket full of Memories" and "You"for Nana. His first solo single "Because I Love You" (cover of Stevie B's hit) was released. Later after working on other singles with the band he worked with Criss Tonio and the group Minimax Project, Sonat and Sozey. As a result, he recorded "The One 4 Me" and "Winner for Life" (2000-2002). Among other projects he worked with includes "Peaceworkers" with the song "Stop the War from Starting". His newest release is with "Chrome Head" with songs such as: "Under the Bridge", "Our Story", From me 2 U".

Andre Picar (Andreas Heck) is a multi-talented professional musician, studio technician, studio producer and DJ. His musical background began when he was active in various Orchestras playing violin, piano and E-guitar, and then crossed over to Rock music. After experiencing various live performances he began working on Remix projects in a music studio (at2music) with technical genius Thomas Weizel. Their success story lead them to produce for bands such as: Spliff, Masterboy, Claus Eisenmann, Vinylshakerz, Rico Bernasconi etc. Also, their own projects : "Handz Up Brothers, Clubfiller, German Groove Guards and more are proof of their professional musical ambitions. Finally Andre Picar's passion for performing for live crowds as a DJ is well-known and he is booked throughout Europe at Discos, Clubs, Events and Concerts.

Cha Cha Chrisar (Steffen Gries) is a passionate and creative housetrack(s) producer and sought after DJ who has years of experience and is booked by a great number of clubs, discos, and events throughout Germany.
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