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Dj Fillter

Gruppe(n): Inaktive Mitglieder
Alter: -
Land: Russian Federation
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Dj FILLTER aka Klyuev Filipp, the young dj and producer, from middle town near the capital of Russia - Moscow, begins his career in 2007. It’s started with the buying of his first dj’s equipment - Pioneer CDJ 100s and Behringer Pro Mixer VMX300. Filipp has no problems with choosing his musical direction.

First meeting with Dance music was in 1997 – it was Scooter and The Prodigy. And he decided that hard sounds, moving melodies and vocal shouts are his way. Of course, before that he listened to Masterboy, Capella, Scatman and other groups as well as all modern Hands Up/Dancecore’s lovers. He wrote his first songs in 2000, but they hadn’t been saving up to now. Filipp was deciding to be a Dj in 2005 when he entered different clubs and parties and didn’t like the music on the dance floors. At the same year he tried to create higher quality music on the Propellerhead’s Reason 2.5 soft.

In 2008 he introduced his dj set on Scooter’s concert in Moscow, after that it was the tour to different Russian cities. Also Filipp finished djs’ courses at the legendary Russian dj Groove’s school and with new ideas and skills continued his moving. Now Dj FILLTER is one of the best Hands Up/Dancecore’s dj’s in Moscow, but his aim is to become the dj and producer #1 in Russia. His sets are a sum of emotions, power and higher dj’s skills, fresh and quality tracks of the producers from all over the world. He feels, enjoys and listens to these sounds with posse on the dance floor.

"I have a dream, that someday I will meet and play my dj’s set with the monsters of Hands Up/Dancecore music from the world!" "And no one can stop me!"


09/2008 - Warm up Dj on Scooter concert, Space Club Moscow | RUS
03/2010 - Dj performance with shuffle dancers &mc on Scooter concert Milk Moscow Club Moscow | RUS
and many parties in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Russian clubs.
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